Al Gore To Give Bush A Lesson In The Constitution

Yes, Bob Barr is introducing Al Gore at this event. Well, after all, this is an issue that effects all Americans. I am so grateful to see Al Gore out there doing this. And even more grateful because he doesn't have to do it, but is doing it because he gives a damn about the Constitution and our civil liberties. I'm sure it will be another brilliant truthful speech that rips them a new one. I hope he calls for their resignations, and actually, according to a Nation article it is said he will make reference to Nixon... I then hope he says that since Nixon did the right thing for this country, Bush and the lot lof them should do so as well.

This is how you can contact c-span to cover this speech since the media in this country seems to be deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to telling us the truth and carrying the speeches of the real President.

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Al Gore Speech: Unchecked Presidential Power

Join us at noon
Monday, January 16th
DAR Constitution Hall
1776 D St NWWashington, DC
Map [Get tickets now]

Former Vice President Al Gore will deliver a major address Monday on the threat posed by policies of the Bush Administration to our constitutional system of checks and balances. The speech will specifically point to domestic wiretapping and torture as examples of the Administration’s assertion of executive power in disregard of Congress and the courts.

Sponsored by the Liberty Coalition and the American Constitution Society, this speech highlights concern from across the political spectrum. Vice President Gore will be introduced by former Georgia Congressman, Bob Barr.
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Feed The Hungry

People tout that this country is the richest in the world and I have constantly asked myself when hearing this line, rich in what? Indifference? Apathy? Hype? We have spent over two hundred BILLION dollars on a war of lies that is going up by the second, while people in this country still have to stand on soup lines. Where are our priorities? Do we really care as a nation? Or do we simply use the downtrodden as our way to score political points? Perhaps that is a question we should all ask ourselves as we look in the mirror once more before the next year rings in as the parties rage on...

Any bolded words are my emphasis.

This is a stark reminder of our failure as a nation in as far as taking care of our own. It also raises in my mind a question. Just why does this country give so much out in aid to other countries (with those needing it not seeing it?) Is it because they really care about the poor and hungry, or simply because politicians want to look good? I surmise if it was the former that we would at least have a plan to take care of our own who need barriers lifted in this country... but we don't. Our leaders and so many who claim to be Progressives who give a damn constantly cite statistics and use them to berate others and place blame...But how much has the Progressive community done as a whole this year to alleviate hunger in this country?
Take a look at some snippets from this report regarding hunger in America:
December 9, 2005
American hunger: Are scientists lying?
by Julian Edney
I gambled $31.50 on the new USDA report ERS-ERR-11, not sure if I would understand. Government reports are often clogged with asphyxiated prose and gravel-gray pages of footnoted tables. But mercifully "Household Food Security in the United States 2004" is a readable booklet. Its main point is clear: hunger in America is rising.
The basics: the Fed has surveyed 60,000 American families. It found 88.1% to be "food secure" - they don't worry about getting food. But 11.9% are "food insecure" - sometimes they don't know if they can afford food, but by doing without medications or delaying the rent they avoid hunger. That category is 13.5 million households. Finally 3.9%, or 4.4 million American households, sometimes go hungry for lack of money.
The statistics also show a 14.7% increase in hunger in one year - as we enter another year of recovery from the recession.
The interior numbers show that the South and the West are hungrier, that Blacks and Hispanics are more vulnerable, that households headed by single women are more vulnerable - and, of course, the poor. (1)
America is the biggest food producer of the world. We ship gargantuan piles of it to hungry foreign countries. Fifty four percent of the world's exported corn is from the United States.(2)
A separate survey last year in Los Angeles found 2.9 million in California suffer food insecurity or hunger - some 10% of San Fernando Valley folks are at risk of not getting enough to eat, and if compared by race, Blacks are most at risk, then Whites, then Hispanics. Among low-income adults the food risk percentages grow huge, with Latinos leading at 38.2%. The poor always say high rents are the single biggest drain on what money they have; the homeless daily have to choose between a motel room and food. In California, food insecurity has increased 16% over two years.(3)
California is the biggest food producing state.
A couple of online experts have called the USDA report stunning.
~~~~~~~~~~End of excerpt.

Stunning is the word.. And it is happening right here. Now, just because I happen to give a damn about hungry American children that doesn't mean I don't also believe we shouldn't help those around this world who are suffering from malnutrition and hunger. I have written my share of diaries this year regarding hunger in America, Niger, and hunger in general, and what we as human beings must do in conquering world hunger and global poverty. It is in my view the one important issue that once SERIOUSLY challenged will lead us to a safer world and a world of peace. However, I can't help but wonder where this problem really falls on the priority scale in this country when our own media doesn't even cover it.

We do have the capacity to fight it and win that fight, so why do we choose not to do it? I can surmise that just the amount of food thrown out in one American household in one year could feed everyone in this country going hungry. The money wasted on political pork could go to feed children who otherwise must stand on soup lines while Congress gets another raise. But still year after year we see these statistics quoted, shrug our shoulders, and move on.

It is simply unconscienable to me that this country can DARE to say it is then rich in anything when in all honesty we on the whole show ourselves to be just the opposite. The homeless are forgotten, the hungry are treated like worthless individuals, and the poor are treated with nothing but suspicion and contempt. Not something I am proud of as an American at the end of this year or any year, and I really hope we as a people can do better in 2006 if only we can get beyond the national denial regarding this problem.

More from the article cited above:
It would be nice to know that the Fed is doing something about all those hungry families. Actually the Food Stamp program (also run by the USDA) is a torn safety net. First, as an index of our Government's concern, the allocation for Food Stamps is 0.0017 of the national budget. The average recipient gets $83 a month.(4 ) Second, the help is not getting through. In California, agencies admit only 45% of people who could use Food Stamps get them, even when they qualify. Consequently, food banks and private charities are besieged. American Second Harvest, an emergency food charity, now reports one in four people in a soup kitchen line is a child. Sometimes the hungry and homeless are turned away.
Not just hunger, but the base of national poverty itself is again broadening, with nearly 37 million Americans in poverty in 2004.(5)
The national obsession with extravagant wealth shows precipitous contrasts in the media. Nine days after the Daily News reported on Los Angeles hunger, the Los Angeles Times ran a colorful front page photo of coach Phil Jackson's wallpaper-size grin at being signed by the Lakers for a three year contract at $10 million dollars a year. (6)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of excerpt.

Oh yes, America is rich. So rich that so many have the luxury of yawning and shoving this under the rug. And it isn't just people of one political persuasion that do it. I notice this topic (like the environment) doesn't exactly spawn outrage here either, and that really bothers the hell out of me. Obviously you can't force people to care, but when they SAY they do, brag about it, and then when confronted with it ignore it, what are you to think of people who do that?

More from the article noted:
Now it turns out we're already donating $2 - 4 Billion a year to sub Saharan Africa alone (the hardest hit region). But little of that money gets to the actual victims. Much of the donations winds up in the pockets of consultants, or gets diverted by corruption. (Apparently if you let everybody do what they want, some people steal.) So Sachs says it's going to take more money - at the rate of $160 Billion a year, and more transparent local governance.
Is this a scientific solution? Or is this the familiar cycle of free market capitalism creating plunging inequalities, then finding a new way to redistribute the wealth?
Hunger is painful, sometimes agonizing. It does not strengthen character. It is demoralizing, dispiriting and disorienting; the victim develops misshapen ideas, hopes and fears. It is a disaster. It festers in official misdirection and political disinterest. And itis encouraged by exploitation and greed. Technology is promising what it can't deliver. A politician's promise is not to be taken seriously because it is like a rainbow, it has no back, no weight. But we trust our scientists. This is one place we don't want to grow credibility gaps.
Sachs is promoting his plans for the abolition of chronic hunger in the rest of the world in ten years. Meanwhile, in the most technological, scientific, transparent and wealthy country in the world, the United States, by our own statistics, homelessness is spreading, and poverty is mounting year to year. And hunger is growing like gangbusters.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of excerpt.

And what will be done by those who claim to care for this issue in the coming year? Will people stand up to the corrupted systems that perpetuate this endless cycle, or will they continue to just throw words and money at the problem thinking it will be taken care of by others?
The other day I wrote a diary about my Resolutions for the Earth. Well, this is my one Resolution for America...To alleviate hunger in this country and put our money where our mouths are. And that means ending this stinking war, kicking these bastards out FOR REAL, and using the billions they are using to create terror, chaos, destruction, and poverty for what it was meant to be used for: FEEDING OUR CHILDREN.

May this year then truly be one we can be proud of on this front.

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